What is Sound Therapy?

What is sound therapy?

Sound therapy is a form of no touch therapy using instruments and/or surrounding natural elements to create sounds that send restorative waves of vibration through your body. It is the concept of deconstructing music into pure sound to reach various frequencies that enable your body and mind to access memories and unresolved baggage, or to send you into a rested state to allow space and time for self-reflection and healing.

The history of sound therapy

The misconception today is that this is a new-age form of therapy. On the contrary, sound therapy has been around for centuries! Historically it has proved to be practised across different continents and ancient cultures around the world for thousands of years – ancient Egypt, Roman empires, Indian cultures, Mayan rituals, Chinese dynasties and various aboriginal tribes around the world.

Each culture would practise it in their own way using instruments or elements available to them at that time. The Ancients were always in tune with Mother Earth. They respected and honoured her magnificence. They spent days and nights, through seasons and tides, to understand her basics and patterns. What they all came to understand is that everything within and around us is made up of energy and vibration and produces its own frequency.

How does sound therapy work?

Sound therapists use a range of instruments that produces various frequencies to engage the energy your body is radiating. Different sounds and frequencies tend to trigger different thought patterns and memories, to encourage you to be more vulnerable and honest about what you may be going through or carrying with you. It is very common that every individual will have a unique experience, whether you are doing a group session or an individual session.

What are the benefits of sound therapy?

  • Opens up your body and mind to feeling, accepting and understanding what you may have been avoiding
  • Creates space for healing old and new wounds
  • Increases flow through your body
  • Empowers your self-worth and purpose
  • Reconnects you to your ‘True Self’
  • Gives you the opportunity to hit your reset button

What instruments are used?

Every sound therapist has their own personal range of instruments. Commonly, a session will consist of instruments such as:

  • Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls
  • Gongs
  • Drums
  • Flutes
  • Chimes
  • Rattles or Shakers
  • Tuning Forks
  • Singing or Humming

What happens during a sound therapy session?

Typically, a sound therapy session will consist of breathing or meditation exercises at the start to get your mind and body in sync and to bring your heart rate to a calm resting state.

After which, you will lay down (either on yoga mats with pillows and blankets, a tatami mattress, etc, depending on what is available at the centre you visit). The sound therapist will then carry out the sound therapy session which can range anywhere from 30-60 minutes on average.

Some people tend to fall asleep during the sessions, and that’s totally fine because the beauty of sound therapy is that your body will be able to receive the vibrations regardless of whether you are awake or asleep. For those who do not fall asleep, that’s fine too!

You’ll feel like you’re daydreaming, and that time lapses very quickly. Sometimes, you may experience tingly feelings in your body and go through waves of emotion. These are completely natural experiences and sensations and is your body and minds way of working through what it needs to. To each their own.

After your session, you may feel slightly lightheaded for a bit and more thirsty than usual. Your therapist will advice you how to cope and manage through the following days to come accordingly.

How do I try a session?

The Inner Lynk works with Life On Terra to provide you a personalized sound therapy experience. The sound therapy studio is in a cosy spot in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. For more information you can contact @theinnerlynk or @mylifeonterra via Facebook or Instagram.

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