Employee Assistance Program

The Inner Lynk’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) aims to provide assistance and support for employees with personal problems and/ or work-related problems that may impact their physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as work performance.

The majority of Malaysian employees are suffering from stress and sleep deprivation.


% of employee experienced at least 1 type of workplace stress


% of employee suffer from long-term sleep deprivation (<7hrs/ day)


MYR loss per employer per year due to employee absence and presenteeism

Workplace stress is a serious issue for Malaysian employees. Workplace stressors such as heavy workload, poor work-life balance, a lack of autonomy and social support, workplace conflicts, and job insecurity can all contribute to not only physiological but also psychological problems for employees. 

Employees may experience the following issues:

Physiological Problems:
Upset stomach
Muscle tension
Chronic and digestive problems

Psychological Problems:
Emotional exhaustion
Anger and irritability
Sleeping problems
Low self-esteem
Concentration difficulties

Negative Consequences:
High employee absenteeism
High employee turnover
Lack of job motivation
Low job satisfaction
Poor Performance

This will eventually negatively affect employees’ performance, motivation, job satisfaction, as well as organizational performance. This indicates that workplace stress has a huge negative impact on employees. Hence, employers must take workplace stress seriously and work hard to help employees reduce stress.

Although stress cannot be eliminated, it can still be managed. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is one of the most effective interventions for reducing workplace stress, creating a positive organizational climate, providing opportunities for career growth and development, and reducing workplace conflicts.

It’s more than just a productive employee, but also a happy employee – The Inner Lynk, 2022

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The Inner Lynk’s Employee Assistance Program

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