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How to cope with anxiety

Anxiety is a sensation of stress accompanied by anxious thoughts and physical changes like high blood pressure, perspiration, dizziness, or a fast heartbeat. Anxiety is the most frequent type of emotional disorder, affecting people of all ages. Here’s some ways to cope with anxiety.

8 Ways on How To Come Out To Your Parents For Queer People

“Coming out” by telling people about your sexuality can be a liberating and pleasurable experience. It can also be confusing, emotionally draining, and frightening in some cases, especially if you are coming out to your parents. Coming out is about you and your identity. And remember that there is no “correct” way to come out.

No one should feel compelled to come out, but if you feel safe and secure, we’ve included a guide to “come-out” to your parents or caregiver at any age and anytime.

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