“Let us help you take care of your mental health and wellness”

— The Inner Lynk, 2021.

We are a queer friendly and client affirming organization comprised of licensed mental health professionals. We offer psychological and wellness services for those experiencing mental illness, and people who are undergoing life’s stressors. We help people to achieve a state of mental health and mental wellness and lead their best lives.

TIL: The Battle against the Stigma

Our Services


We provide individual, couple, and group counselling in a warm and private setting. Available in physical and online session.

Psychiatric Care

We have psychiatrists from a private sector who can help you with your mental health and wellness journey.

Psychological Assessments

A psychological evaluation is often thought of as the first line of defense in diagnosing and treating a mental health condition.

Child Counselling

We foster a thriving environment for children to grow and learn through Play Therapy, Character Development Programs and Inclusion Education Programs.

Career Development

Work is important in people’s daily lives. If you need guidance regarding work-related issues, we can help you.

Employee Care/ Workshops

We provide employee care program and workshops that are specially-tailored to our clients, whether corporations or other types of organizations.

Fitness Classes

A healthy body is a healthy mind. Let our Certified Fitness Practitioners (CFPs) restore you to wellness.

Sound Therapy

We foster sound therapy which covers a range of treatments, from music therapy to sound baths relief for emotional, physical, and psychological pain.

Emotional Control & Expression

Deal with emotions positively. We provide a 3-in-1 package for the mind, body, and soul to help with anger and stress control.

How to Book Your Session?

Step 1

Choose your therapist

Step 2

Make an appointment

Step 3

Be on time
Relax, express

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