Fitness Trainers

Adrian Lim

Fitness Trainer

Kuala Lumpur & Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Adrian loves sport! It has always been his one true love! Adrian believes that “one is never too old to do anything if one set their mind to it!”

Adrian’s specialties include functional body movement, lifestyle modification, and general health & fitness consultation.

Benjamin Chia

Fitness Trainer


It’s a marathon not a sprint, Ben believes the best diet and exercise is one that you enjoy and sustain. Ben wants to be there with you for your weight loss journey.

Ben specialized in lifestyle modification, body composition, general health & fitness consultation.

Sound Therapist

Sarsha Punch

Sound and Healing Therapist

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

With a passion for championing the rights of all things wild and free, Sarsha has an aberrant approach to most things in life.

Sarsha has deep connection with animals, nature, environment, music and arts, she works closely with the elemental world and natural healing modalities.