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Choose Kindness T-Shirt

100% Cotton Round Neck T-shirt.

Comes in 3 sizes: S, M, and L.

Available in black and white color.


TIL Fabric Mask

3 Ply fabric reusable medical face mask.

Made of cotton + polyester + polypropylene filter.

Manufactured according to KKM’s requirements.

Available in black color only.


Today, I choose me Journal

Discover the power of self-reflection and personal growth with journaling. This self-care technique allows you to explore your emotions, thoughts, and life events, helping you become the best version of yourself. Start your journey towards self-discovery and transformation with the simple act of writing.

RM31.90 RM25.70

Love Myself Jar | Do It With Love Jar

Love Myself Jar – a daily dose of motivation to help you start your day on a positive note. Each jar contains inspiring messages of love to help you think positively and maintain an optimistic outlook throughout the day.

Do It With Love Jar – a tool to unlock your potential. Engage in self-care activities while answering thought-provoking questions for motivation and purpose. Prioritize your mental health, gain insights, and live a fulfilling life. Order yours now.

RM19.90 RM11.30

Package A:
Today, I choose me Journal + Love Myself Jar + Do It With Love Jar

Unlock your potential and prioritize your mental health with the Do It With Love Jar, which combines self-care activities with thought-provoking questions. Start your day on a positive note with the Love Myself Jar, containing inspiring messages of love. Begin your journey towards personal growth and self-discovery by journaling and exploring your emotions, thoughts, and life events. Order yours now.


Package B:
Love Myself Jar + Do It With Love Jar

Transform your inner dialogue and improve your mental wellbeing with our Affirmation jars, Challenge your thoughts jar with out do it with love jar and Journal your journey. Our products are designed to help you develop positive self-talk, overcome negative thinking patterns, and track your progress towards a healthier and happier you. Invest in yourself today and start living your best mental health life!


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