Trainee Counsellors

Joshua Mark George
Trainee Counsellor

Online Sessions | Bangalore, India

Joshua is an intern counsellor, they work closely with the queer and neurodivergent communities in India and Malaysia.

Joshua offers counselling for LGBTQIA+ issues, stress, self-esteem issues, grief/ loss, worry about the future/ finances, and career concerns.

Syahira Nasaruddin
Trainee Counsellor

Physical Sessions | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Syahira believes everyone has the capability to come back stronger and turn their setback into a remarkable success story.

Syahira specialized in intrapersonal and interpersonal relationship, and mental health related issues.

Alston Wong
Trainee Counsellor

Physical Sessions | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Alston is deeply committed to assisting people on their journey towards better mental health. He understands that each individual is unique and special, and adjusts his approach accordingly, without judgement.

With Alston, you’ll receive personalized attention tailored to your specific needs.

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