Why is therapy important?

Therapy has been proven to treat a variety of mental illnesses. Not only that, therapy also helps people achieve mental wellness. After all, mental wellness is more than just the absence of mental illness. As humans, we go through multiple stressors and challenges in life, which compromises our health.

Therapy therefore restores us back to health, improves our relationships with others as well as improves our performance in daily life, whether it’s in the family, at school or at work.

What about mental wellness?

Mental wellness does not simply mean the state of our mental or cognitive functioning, but the state of our emotions as well, and the condition of our social relationships. Mental wellness is important so that we can thrive and lead healthy, happy, productive, and satisfied lives.

Why is physical health important?

Physical health can be defined as the normal functioning of the body at all levels, and is connected to our mental and emotional health as well. Physical health is important so that we can avoid diseases and function optimally in daily life.

The differences between:


Counsellors apply integrative therapy techniques in assisting people’s personal and emotional issues.


Psychiatrists get medical training that lets them prescribe medications and perform procedures.


Psychologists are equipped to diagnose and manage more serious issues, such as mental illnesses and disorders, and employ evidence-based strategies, over a longer period of time.

The Inner Lynk Team Selection Process

Therapists at The Inner Lynk have undergone a strict selection process. They have at least a master’s degree from a recognized university. But we also go beyond their qualifications and look at their soft skills, personal qualities, and motivations.

All of our therapists have also been interviewed and assessed to have qualities which align with The Inner Lynk’s own values, such as being empathetic, non-judgmental as well as sensitive to diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. We also established our own standards which we make sure our therapists adhere to so that they can always provide the best quality service for our clients.

Our therapists help clients work through their specific issues and challenges by lending a non-judgmental and listening ear. They support clients in their journey to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and achieve their personal and professional goals.

At The Inner Lynk, clients can select between online counselling or in-person counselling sessions, depending on availability. We provide a range of professional therapists here.

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