About Us

Let us help you take care of your
mental health & wellness

We are a client friendly and client affirming organization comprised of licensed mental health professionals based in Kuala Lumpur and Kuching, Malaysia.
We are governed by the Malaysian Board of Counsellors (LKM) and Malaysian Allied Health Professions Council (MAHPC). 


We envision a world where people are grounded in good mental health and wellbeing in order to be resilient and in order to grow and flourish.

We also envision an environment of supportive therapist-client relationships based on mutual trust, respect and communication in a space that is kind, diverse and genuine.


Our mission is to advance mental health and wellbeing for all in Malaysia, regardless of background, so that everyone is educated and empowered regarding their health and lead strong and resilient lives.

What We Do

We offer psychological and wellness services to individuals experiencing mental illness, as well as those undergoing life’s stressors. We help people to achieve a state of mental health and mental wellness and lead their best lives.



The Story behind the Brand

Behind every brand, there is a story. And what a better way to tell our story than through our logo?

At The Inner Lynk, our logo symbolizes the holistic harmony that we aim to achieve in our practice:

The color rose gold means peace, warmth and resilience – all the qualities that we hope to nurture through our therapy.

The rose in the middle of the ‘i’ represents growth, beauty in every shape and size, different genders, and different disabilities – all the beautiful diversity that we celebrate at The Inner Lynk.

Lastly, the infinity sign symbolizes the health of our inner selves, which equals a healthy mind, healthy body, healthy community, healthy group of people and perseverance – all the goals that we hope our professionals will be able to foster in our clients.

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