Organizational Workshops and Training

Due to the diverse culture, people, and operations, every organization has special needs and business goals.

The Inner Lynk provides customized workshops and training based on your organizational needs and goals. We also are a registered HRD Corp Training Provider. 

Customization Process

Step 1: Identify your Organizational Needs

Determining your organizational needs in advance can serve as a framework for customizing an effective workshop or training program. 

Step 2: Request for Proposal 

Based on your organizational needs, we will customize a personalized workshop or training proposal to solve your issues. 

Step 3: Develop Workshop/ Training Module

A specific-tailored module will be developed to meet the training needs.

Step 4: Conduct Engaging Workshop/ Training

We will provide psychoeducation talks and engaging activities to ensure participants can gain knowledge and skills through active participation in the program.

man in sweatshirt in front of people

To achieve success in personal and work life, employees should constantly improve their knowledge, skills, and abilities. This can be achieved through learning.

Continuous learning is a life-long process that enhances the understanding of an individual towards the world, provides the individual with greater opportunities to be better, and improves the quality of life.

People will always find something new to learn every day, no matter if you are young or old. Therefore, our customized organizational workshops and training encourage personal and professional development in the workplace.

The Inner Lynk’s Organizational Workshops and Training

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