Spiritual Healer

Area of Expertise:

Akashic Record Reader
Chakra Cleansing and Healing
Past Life Channeling
Karma Reading
Relationship Cord Cutting
Space Cleansing

Years of Experience:

4 years

Languages Spoken:

English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Tamil


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Physical and Online Sessions
Prefer Weekdays
All sessions are by appointment basis only

Mobile: +60 195283139 (The Inner Lynk)

Narenthiran Nadaraja

Spiritual Healer

Narenthiran Nadaraja started his journey in spirituality when he was as young as 8 years old, even back then he started receiving messages and visions. As he grew older he understood that he was a gifted with those abilities and he decided to help others in need with his abilities. In year 2017 he started with psychic reading for people and he does for people and premises, with this he also has the ability to remove negative energies/ entities from people and premises.

Moreover, later on Narenthiran’s Reiki healing energy became more profound after he started doing Akasha reading. Through Akasha reading, Narenthiran was able to bring an impact in many individual’s life as he guided and brought awareness to each individuals he meet about their souls nature and their earthly life journey connections. Through his consultation it has helped many individuals to attune themselves with their soul’s and life journey.

Besides that, Narenthiran has also developed the ability to communicate with souls of departed loved ones. In addition to this, Narenthiran does Angel card readings. In return to the society, he also does charity work on a monthly basis by providing food for the homeless people.

Spiritual Healer Rate
Akashic ReadingRM250
Angel Card ReadingRM250
Reiki HealingRM200
Relationship Cord CuttingRM200
Space CleansingRM450
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