Music Therapist Licensed no: 13849
Music Psychotherapist

Area of Expertise:

Family issues
Relationship Difficulties
Life Transitions
(eg: difficulty in adjusting back in home country)
Difficulties with Self-Esteem
Professional/Career Issues
College/Graduate School Issues
Stress Management​
Grief, Loss, or Bereavement
Other Issues

Years of Experience:

5 years

Languages Spoken:



Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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Sandra Cheah

Board Certified Music Therapist, accredited by Certification Board of Music Therapist, USA

Music Psychotherapist

“Old dogs can learn new tricks!”

Mental wellness is an active lifelong process that involves making conscious and intentional choices toward living a healthy, purposeful, and fulfilling life. These processes involve habits that promote our brain to change and rewire itself, called Neuroplasticity. The strengthening and integration of the neural connections of the prefrontal cortex of a brain (where executive decisions are made), are fundamental in the benefits of wellness practices.

My role is to provide you a safe and therapeutic space to express your emotions, empower and guide you to inspire self-realization and discover the healthiest versions of yourself through self-directed neuroplasticity.

Since I am a practicing Board-Certified Music Therapist, my clinical experience consists of providing psychosocial support to individuals and their family members who are having a hard time coping due to their medical or mental health condition, pregnant and postpartum moms, individuals who experience anxiety, depression, extreme stress and feeling isolated, palliative care, end of life, long-term hospitalization or individuals who have difficulty in going through rehabilitation or a transition in life (e.g.: from overseas to back home or vice versa, new parents).

I have conducted workshops in multiple countries, have experience as a guest lecturer in University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) on how to incorporate music into daily life to promote mental wellness and have experience providing psychoeducation to medical officers, specialists and students at Penang Palliative Care Seminars, symposiums organized by Sarawak General Hospital and universities across Malaysia.

My sessions are mainly guided by Choice Theory which emphasizes an individual’s ability to control their own feelings and actions by making appropriate behavioral decisions. I also adopt Cognitive Behavioral Music Therapy that focuses on reframing cognitive distortions through music to process challenges and effective ways to incorporate use of music to reduce stress and anxiety.

My hope as a therapist is to facilitate individuals in their personal growth and development by helping them to eliminate negative feelings, increase self-esteem and openness to experience. Typically, my sessions are individualized and tailored to meet the needs of each unique individual so that they feel heard and supported in their journey of finding their resilience.

Education & Qualification

Master’s in Professional Counselling, Monash University Malaysia (in-completion)
Bachelors in Music Therapy, Majoring in Music Therapy, Minoring in Psychology, Berklee College of Music, US
Neurobiology Concentrate, Harvard University

Other Involvement

Music Therapy Consultant in Malaysian Paediatric Palliative Care (MAPPAC)
Music Therapy Consultant in Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA)

Music Therapist Rate
Intake Session – Assessment75 mins for RM360
1 Individual Session45 mins for RM280
*For minors who attends the sessions alone,
progress consultation for parents may apply.
20 mins for RM130
Music Psychotherapist Rate
Individual Session1 hour for RM200 and above
Psychological Assessment1 hour for RM200 and above
Career Development and Assessment1 hour for RM200 and above
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