Registration no: KB08397
Licensed no: PA07988
PEKA Member no: LM 4672

Area of Expertise:

Sexuality Education 
Couple Sexuality Issues and Relationships 
Mental Health related Conditions: Depression, Bipolar, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, and etc.
Career Development 
Personal Development:
Self Awareness and Sense of Self 
Multiracial and Multicultural 
Fitness Wellness: Body Image 

Therapeutic Approaches:

Gestalt Therapy
Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT)
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
Choice & Reality Therapy (CTRT)
Developmental Psychology
Bowen & Structural Family Therapy
Holland’s Theory of Career Choice
Person-centered Therapy (PCT)
Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT)
Existential Therapy

Years of Experience:

4 years

Languages Spoken:

English, Bahasa Malaysia, and Sarawak Dialect


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Physical and Online Sessions:
Wednesday to Sunday
All sessions are by appointment basis only

Mobile: +60 195283139

Gia G. Kon

Managing Director & Registered and Licensed Counsellor

I am a highly-trained and professionally-licensed mental health therapist committed to delivering the best care to my clients. I am also openly queer and work closely with the LGBTQIA+ community in Malaysia whereby I offer queer counselling on issues such as coming out, gender dysphoria, relationships, gender identity and sexual orientation. I also offer sexuality education.

I am also trained to treat a variety of mental health conditions, such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, schizophrenia, etc. I am also equipped to deal with issues such as body image problems, eating disorders, childhood trauma, stress, anger management issues and more.

Mental health is my passion and calling. I conduct sessions based on a process that is collaborative, compassionate and respectful. I also offer a space that is kind, versatile and genuine.

I understand that life can affect our mental health and mental wellness. After all, we all face challenges from time to time. Throughout my multiple sessions with you, I will help you uncover your inner strength and resources to overcome life’s adversities.

One does not have to have problems with mental health to see a therapist. Life’s stressors, such as setbacks and transitions, can already be hard to deal with and I am always ready to help. My aim is to help you enjoy a high quality of life.

I treat all of my clients as my equals and I offer them the chance to express themselves in a comfortable way and in a positive space. Together, we will help you take care and improve your mental health and wellness.

I cannot promise you sunny skies, but I can promise to walk with you together as you go through life’s obstacles. You are never alone, and together we will help you reach health and happiness that you rightly deserve.

Groups I work with included

Teens, Adults, and Elders

Services Provided

Queer Mental Health Support
Individual Therapy & Counseling
Marriage, Couples, or Relationship Counseling
Psychological Evaluation
Group Therapy
Workshops/ Webinars

Education & Qualification

Masters in Counselling, HELP University
Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Management, Upper Iowa University, USA

Professional Development & Certificates

REBT Workshop by Dr. Debbie Ellis | “How To Identify Irrational Beliefs” & Live Demonstration on Grief & Loss of COVID-19 Pandemic organized by (PSIMA)

Application of Family Systems Therapy Concepts and Techniques in Individual Counselling organized by Sunway University

Other Involvement

Featured in Successful People in Malaysia (4th Edition), published by British Publishing House.

Featured in Yahoo Singapore on how LGBTQ communities in Asia are hard hit by pandemic restrictions.

Featured in an article by Queer Lapis on how LGBT Malaysians face family violence during the MCO.

Wrote a chapter in Multicultural Counselling Applications for Improved Mental Healthcare Services, Chapter 7: LGBTQ+ Population in Asia Pacific (Malaysia): LGBTQ+ Populace.


Highly recommended

I’ve been going to Gia for a year now and there has been a remarkable change from when I first saw her. She has helped me understand the phases I am going through and how to face them. I am better today thanks to Gia.


Gia is very easy to open up to

I’ve met with several counselors briefly before I met Gia and I can safely say that I’ve been most at ease when speaking with her. Gia is very easy to open up to and talking to her feels like you’re talking to a good friend. I consider our sessions to be one of the best investments I have in place for myself and I highly recommend speaking to her if you need help or even if you just need a listening ear.
Ever so supportive, Gia manages to make me feel safe to share my innermost thoughts and feelings while also balances the ability to keep me accountable for my actions. Gia is a highly empathic person, always able to understand my mood for each session we have, making it very easy and comfortable for me to be able to open up no matter how I’m feeling. From dealing with the usual personal, work and relationship issues to more difficult issues such as the loss of a loved one, Gia has been able to work through all these issues with me with great kindness and gentleness that I truly appreciate.


Gia has been very supportive, 11/10

Gia has been very supportive during my recovery and provided the necessary coping mechanism that I needed. She also provided an alternative treatment plan rather than the conventional treatment. 11/10. She also provided reading materials for me to understand my situation better.


I feel I have experienced a lot of growth

Gia has played a crucial role on my mental health journey, providing a safe, non-judgmental space for me to share all my concerns, issues and conflicts. Their help and guidance has allowed me to take the steps needed to better manage my life, forgive myself and others, and stay calm in the face of emotional storms. I feel I have experienced a lot of growth since starting my sessions with them eight months ago.


Gia has been exceptionally patient, calm, compassionate

It’s my first experience going to a therapist which my friend has been going to, & TIL feels like a safe zone where you could not only share your concern, but to find ways to deal with the challenges you’ve been facing with the advice given by the professionals. Ms Gia has been exceptionally patient, calm, compassionate, & looking forward for more sessions ahead to discover myself & areas to improve or enhance to have a healthy & better lifestyle!

Hailey, Y.

Gia really made things different and really practiced & provide what she wrote in her bio

The customer service and appointment management are very efficient and clear. They always inform in advanced. They take good care of their clients in terms of following the Covid guidelines.

Gia’s a really good therapist. She really made things different and really practiced & provide what she wrote in her bio.

In addition, I love that they have sliding scales to make it affordable. Nonetheless, centre’s clean and comfortable and a therapy centre I would recommend.

Nicholas, Y.

Thanks Gia for being so patient, professional and for providing me a safe space to talk

I have been attending weekly sessions for a few months. I am coping better now and learned so much about myself from these sessions. The atmosphere setting is so comfortable and soothing, thanks Ms Gia for being so patient, professional and for providing me a safe space to talk about difficult topics. I’d highly recommend seeking therapy for self improvement and better mental health.

Chin, XY.

I have grown so much with her

I have seen Gia since her practicum back in 2016 until today. I was a student back then and now I am working. I have grown so much with her and saw her flourish in her journey as well. I am recommending Gia as your therapist. Thanks Gia ! See you soon.

Emily, B.

Good service

The good service. Gia is understanding and that makes me feel quite comfortable sharing the space with her. Besides that, she is very helpful when I need to reschedule some sessions.


I feel so seen and heard and valued

Everything has been amazing. Gia has been really amazing, supportive, and has scaffolded the models/ techniques/ framework to me. I feel so seen and heard and valued in my sessions. I feel like I met my goals of understanding and unpacking my patterns of burnout and the consequences of burnout.


Gia is very open and a good listener.

My therapy sessions have been effective in helping me process my thought process. My therapist, Gia is very open and a good listener. With the changes that I went through this MCO, the therapy sessions were definitely a great support especially for my mental health.


I felt at ease and safe to talk to her about everything.

Gia has been so wonderful over the short time that she has been my therapist. From the very first session she was able to understand my goals and what I wanted to achieve. I felt at ease and safe to talk to her about everything. Most importantly, she stresses on how much she wants you to improve by going through exercises and homework that will provide tangible results. I definitely recommend and will come back in the future!

Dawn, A.

I found a safe space to just talk about anything and just be myself

I met Gia while they’re doing their internship. I was in a very bad mental state, and I needed an affordable service. This was about 3 years and a half ago. I’m glad I finally found someone to help me out. Mental health is still a taboo in Malaysia, as well as being queer. I found a safe space to just talk about anything and just be myself without judgement.

As I was healing, a lot of issues especially childhood and relationships were being addressed. I was also in between jobs. Meeting my therapist has helped me plan out my life. I’m doing much better in terms of my mental health, relationships and career. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and they are also helping me get second opinion to see how I can improve my quality of life.

I really appreciate the kind thoughts and care from them as I go through my journey. Looking forward to my next session with them. Thank you so much.


Gia goes the extra length to get to know her clients

I started seeing Gia for my therapy sessions in 2019 and as a person who had been seeing other professionals before that, I cannot recommend anyone better than Gia. Gia has helped me to deal with my depression, anxiety and life problems better and by the time each session ends, I feel more energised, have more clarity about my situation and feel as though a huge rock has been lifted off my shoulders. Gia goes the extra length to get to know her clients on a deep level and help them navigate life’s challenges and I am thankful that she is able to help me in my life journey.

K, 32 year old woman, the Klang Valley

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