Area of Expertise:

Functional Body Movement
Lifestyle Modification
General Health & Fitness Consultation

Years of Experience:

1 year

Languages Spoken:

English & Bahasa Malayia


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Mobile: +60 122543181

Adrian Lim

Fitness Trainer

I love sports! It has always been my 1 true love! up until I got a bit older and the aches and pains started plaguing me. I have multiple broken bones and a degenerated spine. The Doctor told me I have a spine of a 60-year-old and would never play sports again! Then I found FEA. I can now enjoy sports again!

Boy, I sure proved them wrong!

Through the knowledge I gained, for me to play sports again, I had to train the right muscles correctly. I also found that you are never too old to do anything if you set your mind to it!

Now that I have completed my FITM with CFP ( Certified Fitness Practitioner) certified by FEA, I am currently pursuing my ACE (American Council of Excercise) Certification so I will be better equipped to share this ‘Fountain of Youth’ with the world.

Education & Qualification

FEA Certified Fitness Instructor – Exercise Coach

FEA Certified Fitness Instructor – Personal Trainer

FEA Certified CPR – Basic Life Support

Co-founder and Director

Fitness Trainer Rate

1 free complimentary assessment prior to classes1 hour for free
1 Class1 hour for RM200
3 Classes3 hours for RM540
5 Classes5 hours for RM800
10 Classes10 hours for RM1400
15 Classes15 hours for RM1800
The Art of Emotional Control and Expression
(Individual Session + Boxing + Sound Therapy)